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Agreement between
Aston Francis Ministry International, Inc.

"Aston Francis Ministry International, Inc." is referred to as AFMI below.
"Affiliates" means pastors, evangelists, individuals or church organization.
AFMI is a Christian church based in Tampa Florida, whose doctrine is of the Pentecostal Denomination.
Nothing in this agreement is to be considered as a contract.

See: Our Doctrine See: Our Current Affiliates

1 Code of Conduct

Affiliates are expected to conduct themselves as good citizens and live Christ-like. Affiliates agree to protect the reputation of AFMI and to maintain a high standard in all areas of work.

2 Voluntary Relationship

Affiliates and AFMI freely volunteer to engage in this relationship. AFMI does not pay salaries or benefits. Affiliates are not employees of AFMI. There is no charge to be an Affiliate.

3 Voluntary Support

AFMI may volunteer to support Affiliates with bibles, teaching aids, money and other forms of assistance. There is no guarantee of any support.

4 Duration of Affiliation

Affiliation with AFMI is perpetual. Affiliates may resign at any time by sending an email to: Please allow 30 days for the names and pictures to be removed from the AFMI website. AFMI can remove any Affiliate at any time and without notice.

5 Number of Affiliations

Affiliates may be only with AFMI at any given time. You cannot be affiliated with any other religious organizations. You may fellowship with similar religious organizations that has similar Doctrinal Beliefs with AFMI. This include the United Pentecostal Church International and its' members.

6 Mutual respect

AFMI and Affiliates agree to not defame, injure or slander each other. Affiliates agree to report to AFMI: misconduct or behavior that is contrary to the teachings on the Bible.

7 Information about Affiliates

The Affiliate's name, address, phone number and email address may be on AFMI website and is visible to the public. All Affiliates will be listed on the AFMI website. Anyone claiming to be an Affiliate who is not listed on AFMI website may be fraudulent.

8 Communications

Affiliates and AFMI agree to be diligent to verify authenticity and accuracy when communicating with each other since there are many scammers and fake profiles online. Impostors and scammers may try to impersonate Affiliates or AFMI. Affiliates must get prior approval before printing/publishing any official documents or pictures that shows affiliation with AFMI. This include posters, business cards, letterhead, online or by mail. Approval will be given by email. When AFMI request that a document or picture be removed or recalled, it must be done as soon as possible.

9 Reports

Affiliates are expected to send a Report at the start of every month, for the number of people that were baptised, filled with the Holy Spirit and general church activity. Whenever money is sent to Affiliates that is over $100 USD, a budget is to be made and reported at the start of every month. The website Report Function or email can be used to sent reports to AFMI at

10 Leadership

AFMI provides assistance and leadership to help Affiliates to achieve their goals.
  * AFMI does not own the Affiliate's church.
  * AFMI does not conduct the day-to-day affairs of the church.
  * AFMI does not require money from the church. Voluntary contributions to AFMI is welcomed.
  * Affiliates are expected to follow the leadership, teachings and guidance from AFMI.

See: Our Doctrine See: Our Current Affiliates Sample Resume

 I have read and accepted this Affiliates' Agreement and I declare before God and AFMI that I will faithfully follow this agreement in Jesus Name.

 I declare before God and AFMI that I have been baptized in JESUS Name and received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues.

* required

* required